• Palazzo Pitti Florence
    Euro Trip Spring 2017,  Travel

    Palazzo Pitti Florence

    Sunday afternoon in April was the perfect time to enjoy some arts, so I headed to Palazzo Pitti in Oltrarno, Florence. Oltrarno, literally means “beyond Florence”, is an area on the south of Arno River. The palace itself is only a few minutes walk from the-always-crowded Ponte Vecchio and has the famous garden called Giardino di Boboli (Boboli Gardens). Other than Palazzo Pitti, there are still more to see and do on the other side of the river, like gazing the Duomo at night from Piazzale Michelangelo, the 15th century Basilica di Santo Spirito, and of course going to the restaurants serving the local cuisines. It so happened to be…

  • Visiting the Vatican
    Euro Trip Spring 2017,  Travel

    Visiting The Vatican

    A trip to Rome wouldn’t be complete without visiting The Vatican City! It is definitely a must-visit despite the long queue. Even the rain couldn’t stop us. 😋 Since we stayed in Trastevere area, we only needed to take a short train ride from Trastevere station to San Pietro station and continued for another 10-15 minutes by foot from San Pietro station to the Vatican City (depends on how fast you walk, though!). The Vatican City This independent micro-state is home to tons of fine arts, relics and other historic wonders. We can even start seeing them once we go past the colonnades surrounding Piazza San Pietro. Like the 25.5 m…

  • Heidelberg
    Euro Trip Spring 2017,  Travel

    A Day Trip to Heidelberg

    When we were in Frankfurt in March last year, the weather was not so great that we decided just to have a day trip to Heidelberg to see its famous castle ruins (Heidelberg Castle / Schloss Heidelberg). By the way, the city is also famous for having the oldest university in Germany and one of the most reputable in Europe. It would take just an over an hour to get there from Frankfurt…. by train of course! How to Get to Heidelberg  So the outbound journey we had was slightly confusing. We stayed in Galluswarte area and had to go to Frankfurt Central Station first. According to Google Map, at Frankfurt Hbf…

  • Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood
    Euro Trip Spring 2018,  Solo Travel,  Travel

    Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg

    For me, the Church of the Resurrection or Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg is one of a kind. The exterior is so pretty with the colourful and shining onion-shaped domes, making it look like a palace from some sort of fairy tale! The construction of the church began around two years after the assassination of Tsar Aleksandr II in 1881. He was known as the good Tsar, the Liberator who initiated a lot of reforms in the Russian administration and society and also had a rather pacifist foreign policy. A bomb was thrown into his carriage by the protesters who were against him, causing…

  • Membantu UMKM Lewat GandengTangan
    Finance,  Investment

    Membantu UMKM Lewat GandengTangan

    Baru-baru ini gue menemukan satu platform crowdfunding yang cukup unik, namanya GandengTangan. Berbeda dari platform lain, mereka berfokus untuk memberdayakan usaha rumahan atau biasa disebut usaha mikro. Jadi, buat kalian yang memang ingin berkontribusi lebih ke masyarakat tapi modal terbatas atau ngga tau harus menyalurkan dana ke mana, kalian masih bisa kok membantu UMKM lewat GandengTangan. The Power of The Youth Seperti biasa, sebelum gue join platform atau aplikasi apapun, gue akan cek dulu management team di belakangnya. Dan ngga jauh berbeda dari fintech dan start-up lain, GandengTangan pun dimotori oleh orang-orang muda dengan skill yang ngga perlu dipertanyakan lagi. CEO & Founder GandengTangan, Jezzie Setiawan, adalah lulusan ITB School…

  • Bergamo Città Alta
    Euro Trip Spring 2017,  Solo Travel,  Travel

    A Day Trip to Bergamo Città Alta

    I have been to this town twice – 15 years apart – and all I can say is that a day trip to Bergamo Città Alta is something you should have while in Lombardia. It is only an hour away by train from Milano city… or faster by car if you drive like a racer (like most Italians do!). Going Around Bergamo consists of two parts, Città Bassa (Lower Town) – a more modern part of the city – and Città Alta (Upper Town) – the old town with medieval structures and the UNESCO World Heritage-recognized Venetian walls perched on the hill overlooking the Lower Town and further. While there are plenty…

  • Rome The Eternal City
    Euro Trip Spring 2017,  Travel

    3 Days in Rome The Eternal City

    Rome was our second destination in Italy in our Europe trip back in March 2017. I actually wanted to go directly here from Athens, but we went to Amalfi first instead. Well, some compromises are inevitable when you are travelling with other people.😁 But finally, I got to spend 3 days in Rome the Eternal City. I soon understood that the phrase “Eternal City” coined to the city was so perfect. Founded in 753 BC (if what I read was accurate), we can still witness today the legacy of the Roman Empire and how big it was! I felt like walking and living in a big museum. Everywhere we went,…

  • Farm House Susu Lembang
    Indonesia,  Random Places

    Bermain ke Farm House Susu Lembang

    Sejujurnya, gue bukan penggemar tempat wisata semacam Farm House, Rumah Sosis atau sejenisnya. Pertama karena biasanya pengunjungnya banyak banget (keluarga dan anak-anaknya) dan ini bisa bikin gue nggak enjoy, dan kedua, menurut gue tempat semacam ini terlalu artifisial dan ‘agak maksa’. Tapi akhirnya sebelum libur Idul Adha kemarin gue mampir juga deh ke tempat ini bareng teman-teman. 😂😂 Alasannya sih sederhana, kita pengen pergi ke tempat di luar kota Bandung tapi masih cukup mudah dicapai dari downtown. Apalagi ada salah satu teman yang membawa anaknya yang masih kecil, jadi seenggaknya dia bisa bermain di Farm House Susu Lembang dan kita yang dewasa bisa melihat pemandangan lain yang berbeda dari biasanya.…

  • Sapu Lidi Sawah
    Food,  Indonesia

    Lunch by The Paddy Fields at Sapulidi Sawah

    After our visit to The Farm House in Lembang, my friends and I were craving for some spicy-and-savory Sundanese dishes. There are plenty in the neighbourhood, all promising an authentique, mouthwatering experience with an unforgettable view. Some restaurants offer the traditional food with a picturesque river or mountain view, some others entice with a more varied international dishes in their menu to be enjoyed in the midst of a ‘forest’. We finally decided to have our lunch by the paddy fields at Sapulidi Sawah restaurant nearby. Sapulidi Sawah Restaurant is actually part of a resort with the same name. Although located just at the corner of a rather quiet and…