The Republic of Cats Cultural & Museum Complex

There are two places with similar names (The Republic of Cats) in St. Petersburg. This one is on Ulitsa Yakubovicha 10, not far from St. Isaac’s Cathedral. This place is basically a cafe where you can sit down and have a drink and meal mixed with a cats shelter. The dishes in the menu are actually OK. They have hearty pies, pasta and quite mouthwatering choices of dessert with reasonable prices, ranging from RUB 100-500. I had a fish-veggie pie with pumpkin seeds and some chocolate dessert (not in the pic).

Anyway, after I finished devouring the pie, I decided to have a look at those fur balls 🐱🐱. They gave me a “Visa Card” to enter the area. Right outside the door, the visitors would have to say the password first: “Miaow!” 3x

St. Petersburg Cat's Republic
Visa to enter The Republic of Cats

One of the staff came in and gave me a brief explanation about these cats. Some were actually “retirees” from the Hermitage Museum – the museum ’employed’ a lot of cats to be on patrol in the basement to ward off the rats. The rest were either stray cats or given up by their previous owners who had to relocate and couldn’t have the cats with them. The guy is obviously a hardcore cat lover 😉 He knew all the name, breed, history and all the personality of each cat. Some were grumpy, some were actually scared of people and some others  were not friendly to the other cats.

They seemed to be looked after better than I do myself :-p A vet would come regularly to check on them, and they have lots of toys and comfortable beds to sleep on! Here are some of the cats: