Venustempel Sex Museum

VENUSTEMPEL in Amsterdam claims to be the first and oldest sex museum in the world (I didn’t even know there was one!). It is located on Damrak Street, side by side with the souvenir shops. It can hardly be overlooked with its name “Venustempel Sex Museum” displayed above the front doors and a big Greek goddess statue greeting the visitors once they enter.

IMO, it offers a very comprehensive collection of everything related to sexuality and eroticism. I said “anything” because it literally has everything. They have a collection of old magazines and prints, art works, sculptures and tablewares from different eras and countries, all sex-themed of course. There are also a stone phallus dated back to the Roman age, dioramas and mannequins showing how people in the past (and today) liked to dress up and simulating different sexual activities (HJ, BDSM, etc.), a creepy brothel house, condoms made and used in different civilizations and many more.

Venustempel Sex Museum Amsterdam
The Stone Phallus

When Private Stuff Becomes A Public Spectacle

The museum also displays a lot of photographs from different eras – from late 19th century up to the 1960-70’s – of regular people having sex (threesomes, orgies, BDSM, you name it!).

Venustempel Sex Museum Amsterdam
I wonder what these people were thinking… 

Honestly I had mixed feelings when I saw these pictures. First of all, most of the “models” had this flat, plain expression on their face, especially the Chinese and Japanese girls. I mean, did they really enjoy it or not?? 🤣🤣 And no judgment here, but I also felt the urge to get some hot wax or razors for these people. I understand some people like it natural, but why wearing a G-string without tidying things up a bit down there??! 😂😂😖

I don’t think I can post most of the pictures I took there, I’m too tired to do more editing 😁. But I’m telling you.. during my 2-hour visit there, I (along with other visitors) had a good time. Lots of giggles, laughs and probably a bit of cringe, too. For sure, everyone who goes to Amsterdam needs to go here. It is very eye-opening and educational!


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