Amalfi in March


Amalfi was the starting point in my “Italy Tour” in March 2017 (I had the Europe trip with my sister at that time, just the two of us). I knew nothing about this area before and it was decided kind of in the 11th hour. Let’s say it was our style during the holiday –> determine some destinations later, it was more spontaneous and relaxing, but of course had its own complications (higher train costs, etc.)

We took Trenitalia from Roma Termini to Salerno (around 2 hours), then continued with a bus (SITA) from Salerno to Amalfi for another hour. Unfortunately, since it was almost dark when we left Rome, we arrived in Amalfi when it was quite late (10 pm or so)! We booked a B&B called XXX not far from the bus stop. It was cold and dark, most of the shops and restaurants were already closed and no one was around. The hotel manager did not pick up the phone. So counting solely on Google Map, we had to walk around for a bit, going up and down the stairs of old buildings, passing through the alleys, looking for this place. When we finally found it (on the 5th floor of a building), the door was closed and no one answered the bell. I was almost sure we had to find somewhere else to sleep when the guy called us back. It turned out he had already left and was already in bed! So we had to wait for him to come over and open the hotel door for us.

Despite the rather worrisome experience in the first hour we got here, I found the B&B pleasant and nice to stay in. It had several bedrooms only, but the amenities were quite complete. The bathroom had a shower panel with the massage jets! I definitely did not see this one coming. The room also came with slippers, herbal teas & coffee along with the kettle, a hair dryer and all the other little things in the bathroom a girl would need. The breakfast, although standard, was good and hearty, complimented with the beautiful view of the mountains in the distance.

Amalfi Coast things to do
The View from The Bedroom
The Breakfast Balcony

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