Lunch by The Paddy Fields at Sapulidi Sawah

Sapu Lidi Sawah

After our visit to The Farm House in Lembang, my friends and I were craving for some spicy-and-savory Sundanese dishes. There are plenty in the neighbourhood, all promising an authentique, mouthwatering experience with an unforgettable view. Some restaurants offer the traditional food with a picturesque river or mountain view, some others entice with a more varied international dishes in their menu to be enjoyed in the midst of a ‘forest’. We finally decided to have our lunch by the paddy fields at Sapulidi Sawah restaurant nearby.

Sapulidi Sawah Restaurant is actually part of a resort with the same name. Although located just at the corner of a rather quiet and gated residential area, I think it is still a good place for those looking for tranquility or some back-to-nature experience with its paddy fields and Javanese rooms combining wood and stones in its design. I did not get to see the rooms, but with a restaurant that looks this good, I believe the management would go far beyond it for the rooms.


Lunch by The Paddy Fields

Now, back to the restaurant! We of course chose for the “Lesehan” area. Lesehan literally means ‘seated on the floor, without chairs’. In this case, in the Saung or a small elevated gazebo in the middle of the paddy fields! Now I find this much more interesting than the fake, mini European houses in the Farm House earlier. πŸ˜‚ Just look at the staff easily walk on the dikes between the paddy fields with trays of dishes in their hands!

By the way, since the Saungs/gazebos are located not so close to the main area, they provide a Kentongan instead of a bell to call the waiters. Well, at least my friend’s son found it pretty amusing!

They have quite a wide range of menu of specifically Sundanese food, including one of my favorites, Nasi Tutug Oncom. The prices are also still more reasonable compared to those in some other tourists places nearby. We ordered two types of tilapia – one was grilled with tomatoes wrapped in banana leaves and the other was fried and covered with green chillis, green beans with oncom, water spinach, grilled ribs, fried and grilled tofu and sambal. Yes, a lot of Sundanese food (and some Indonesian food in general) are deep fried, but it is compensated with the presence of lots of raw greens typically served in Sundanese dishes (lalap = salad). Not sure if it’s enough, though.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The foods we ordered were all delicious and satisfying. Although I did wish that the sambal and grilled tilapia could’ve been more spicy… Maybe somehow they have adjusted the menu to accommodate more sensitive tongues. But at the end, I couldn’t think of anything better than having lunch by the paddy fields at Sapulidi Sawah on that day. 😁

We rested in the saung for a while post-lunch with our tummy full. With the gentle North Bandung breeze, green paddy fields and calming Sundanese instrumental music from the distance, it was easy to drift away and fall asleep in peace. πŸ˜‚ But sleeping was not something we could have soon. After some time, we reluctantly left this beautiful place and headed back to the city with its jam-packed traffic!

Sapu Lidi Sawah
Buon appettito!

Sapulidi Sawah – Resto, Resort & Gallery
Jl. Sersan Bajuri, Kompleks Graha Puspa, Cihideung, Lembang


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