For The Tummy

This is just a collection of all the deliciousness I have tasted all these years. Some are considerably healthy, some others are not. A lot of people who know me always say that I am a picky eater and “not fun”. I do have my reason and it is definitely not because I merely follow the trend of eating healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian, pescetarian, organic, dairy-free, and all the blah blah hashtags! It is simply a basic need. 

As I got older, I have come to a point where I can no longer eat whatever and whenever I feel like (bummer!). Sugar, starch, meat, dairy and food additives are the primary items that need to be limited (or completely omitted at certain times – ideally!). But surprisingly, it didn’t stop there. A few things that are generally considered healthy can cause more harm than good for some people. For me, it is those green leafy veggies, if consumed too much, due to its high level of Vitamin K. 

However, I realized that regardless of how hard I try, there will be the ups and downs and the best thing I can do is just play along. So, whenever I am in a new place, I will always try to find healthier places that cater my needs. But if there is none, well, I will just take whatever available…. except cheese and frutti di marenope, nope and nope! ✋✋


Bandung has been one of the main destinations of domestic vacationers from the neighbouring towns (like Jakarta) for a short-term stay. They would come simply to enjoy the food and the scenery (mostly) in the northern part of Bandung. Every time I go home (yes, this is my birth place!), there seems to be a new restaurant or café open. And to my surprise, most of them actually do have quite tasty dishes at affordable prices. However, despite the growing eating places all around Bandung, whenever I am here I always go for the traditional food and snacks first!


One of the reasons why I love Bali is because now it is very easy to find healthy food there. Being the tourist destination makes Bali really open and quickly embrace things that are ‘happening’, including the healthy lifestyle trend. You can find just about anything that caters your specific needs and diets, there is always something for everyone. If you are vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers, into yoga, pilates, meditation, cross fit, extreme sports, clubbing, rafting or looking for herbalists, holistic doctors, naturopaths, natural healers or even some rather questionable modalities, then you are in the right place. Read more >>>