Mixed & Random Stuff

This one is really just a compilation of things – possibly random, that I find pretty interesting. Because even after regular workouts at the gym, occasional hangover, attending courses and arguing with strangers on the Internet, I still had sufficient amount of time left. So, somehow I ran into blogs talking about investments, like P2P Lending, online farming, stocks, etc.

P2P Lending seems to be on the rise in Indonesia lately (or maybe is it just me who just finally caught up??). A lot of people are very interested in putting their money in there, that at some point there are more investors than the investees. Most of the the platforms are purely for profit, but a few actually have a social mission by becoming intermediaries for the micro and small businesses.

The other investment scheme offered by these fintech startups is online farming. I am not sure how to call it, it’s like Farmville / Hay Day but with actual money and risks. Some operate by way of crowdfunding, some others by offering farm animals (taken care by the farmers they work with) for investors to buy. After a certain period of time, the investors can resell the animals to the company and earn profit.

The fin-tech companies operate under the supervision of OJK (The Indonesian Financial Services Authority) while the online farming companies do not (since they don’t manage the investors’ money – they are basically just the intermediaries between the farmers and the investors).

Some that I have tried are:

   Angon Indonesia
   Gandeng Tangan