Estonia is a small country by the Baltic Sea and was ruled by foreign invaders for centuries. From the Danes in the 13th century to the Swedes, Polish, Russians and then Soviet until 1991.

I actually met someone from Estonia  4-5 years ago and there were only a few things he told me that I could recall, like Estonia only had just over a million inhabitants or so (now it’s 1.3 million, that’s around 1/10th of Jakarta population!) and the country was so much into getting everything digitized. So I did my homework and found some more interesting facts about the country:

  • Estonia is the first country in the world that offers e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity for anyone from any nationalities living outside Estonia to set up an EU-based company online, do business from any location and use the e-services provided by Estonia. It is basically a startup paradise.
  • Estonia is ranked 7th in the 2018 Index of Economic Freedom. It is now considered as one of the wealthiest countries in Eastern Europe (read here).

I did not have much chance to travel outside Tallinn, but what I saw in the city was something not to be found elsewhere. 😉