Welcome to my blog!

My name is Anne, currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is my very first blog, so I am basically a baby in the blogging world! 2017 was the year when my life took a new, yet long-sought-after turn. At that time I realized that I needed to re-align, focus on myself and use this time to explore new things I had always wanted to do, like studying, travelling…… Naah, who am I kidding??? 😂.

TBH, it did cross my mind to be like one of those women in their 30s with the-life-is-precious-and-I-don’t-need-money-attitude and then go and do a handstand. Some months ago, I even seriously considered relocating to Bali to embrace the soul-seeking, back-to-nature, healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, I know myself a bit too well. I would end up drinking honey-lemon water and eating gluten-free, organic vegan burger by day and having an endless flow of wine or vodka at night. Or Rosé all day! Then there would also probably (some) encounter(s) with (some) one of those six-packed, sun-kissed Jason Momoa lookalikes on their soul-searching quest. We would have some fun before we part ways. Or I would go to Ubud to meditate and find acceptance… Oh, and also some self-love. Well, as much as I love Bali, that is such a cliché that I would rather not live up to! 🤣 So I decided to stay in Jakarta… for now. 🍷

Now, about my blog… I actually didn’t have any specific purpose when I created it. I enjoyed reading some travel blogs and when I was much younger (this goes waaaay back) I always dreamed of having my own website, but it was just too complicated (there was no WordPress at that time, btw). Then I ran into an ad from a hosting company and thought… Why the hell not! 👊

My blog is basically just a bunch of random blah blah blah about my travel experience, new things I have tried and other stuff. In a way or two, it somehow helps me a bit in “re-organizing” my thoughts (I suppose writing should give better results than taking ginkgo biloba everyday!). I cannot say that I have travelled that much, but so far it’s been a quite fascinating and rewarding experience.

Honestly, I could not come up with a proper blog name that would sound catchy but not tacky. So I just typed in whatever that crossed my mind when I had to choose a domain name. I think it represents my liking quite well. Walking on the cobblestone streets in an old town with dark chocolate gelato in my hand 👉 The best way to enjoy that calorific goodness! 👌

travel experience
A perfect treat in a sunny Amalfi


p.s. I am not a great photographer so don’t expect to find any professional, hi-res photos like in other travel blogs! 

p.p.s. I don’t accept complaints from people who can’t even write a short piece about themselves! 😋